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What's hot for Halloween? Catsuit latex?

Wondering what's fashionable, hot and new for Halloween '92? Well, if you're a real kid, think Catwoman, Batman and Penguin, Beauty and the Beast and 101 Dalmatians. Don't think plastic. It's cheap. You don't like it.
If you're a grownup kid, think Catwoman, Batman, Penguin. Skip the Dalmatians, try a black-and-white cow with nipples. Do think plastic. The kind that pays for things.
Making an impression on Halloween night doesn't come cheap!
Masquerading as Catwoman in a rented stretch vinyl catsuit will set you back $ 150, whip included. Doing a Batman or Penguin turn will cost you $ 125 and parading as members of the Simpson or Addams families $ 100. By contrast, preening as Marie Antoinette is a bargain at $ 60.
"People are willing to spend the money because they want to surprise their friends and impress other people," said Therese Caissie, a dresser at Ponton, which has more than 10,000 rental costumes crammed into its three-storey quarters on St. Francois Xavier St. in Old Montreal.
"Some dress up and go to bars but mostly there are parties or balls involved. And this year we know of two weddings taking place on Halloween with everyone wearing period dress latex gloves."
Adults are the biggest kids
Ponton has a few costumes to rent to children but most of their clientele is adult.
"We find adults are the biggest kids and Halloween is our biggest time of the year," Caissie said.
At the House of Costumes on Ontario St. E., the 2,000 rental costumes include the current favorites but "the first to go are doll and baby costumes for women," said costume-maker Marie-Josee Savoie.
The newest selections at Decor Festa are Uncle George, a clown character on French-language television, and the ubiquitous black- and-white cow costume.
"All our 800 costumes are made of fabric. You get plastic at Jean Coutu," salesgirl Paulette Gariepy said.
The young set can buy fabric costumes at Toys R Us in the Bazaar Shopping Centre on Cote Vertu for $ 14 to $ 29.95, including the Batman gang, 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast and Star Trek characters.
"We have a few plastic costumes but the kids want the newest things and they like having a 'real' costume," a salesgirl said.
Raiding is out of fashion
At Oink Oink on Greene Ave. in Westmount, fabric costumes for children aged 2 to 14 include a Dalmatian dog for $ 19.95, a satin clown suit for $ 70 and Little Bo Peep and Cinderella for about $ 36.
Raiding parents' closets or family costume boxes for Halloween getups seems to have gone out of fashion with most children, but Oink Oink still offers them the opportunity to create their own costumes from tutus, capes, pirate hats and patches.
"A lot of younger kids still like to create their own costumes. Teenagers prefer to buy a complete package, although they may individualize it with accessories," Gano said.
Oink Oink also stocks Halloween costumes for adults, the newest being the nippled black-and-white cow for $ 36.
At Johnny Brown's on Peel St., the newest costumes for sale include the Three Musketeers, $ 79.95, and a cardinal's outfit for $ 89.95. Superman is yours for $ 74.95, Superwoman for $ 69.50, and the new Batman for $ 106.95. Catwoman-type catsuits in lightweight fabric cost $ 49.95.
Whips are extra. But like the costumes, they're yours to keep forever.
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Lundi 20 juin 2011

A troubled life behind the lens,the latex catsuit will help you


Exposure: The Unusual Life And Violent Death Of Bob Carlos Clarke by Simon Garfi eld (Ebury Press, GBP18.99) 

IT is just over three years now since the photographer Bob Carlos Clarke threw himself in front of a train.

He was 55, suffering from depression and had been threatening that he was going to do "something terrible" for months. When he checked himself out of the Priory Hospital in Barnes and embarked on the short walk to the railway track, he was merely bringing the darkness that had been swirling around him into sharp, decisive focus. 

Before his death, he had feared that noone was interested in what he did any longer. He was getting older and his looks were going - or so he thought -  pvc lingerie                       and maybe he feared that the twentysomething models he took pictures of in various states of dress and (more often) undress would no longer be attracted to him. His marriage was failing, he was still spooked by the death of his friends and fellow photographers Terence Donovan (who also took his own life) and Lord Lichfield, and he was worried about money. And maybe he knew his time had gone. "He was the last of the maverick kind of proper full-on production photographers, " his agent Ghislain Pascal tells Simon Garfield in Exposure. "With Bob you had the personality - it was always fun, he was such a big personality, he was always the star of the shoot - the celebrities just happened to be the people being photographed."

He had immortalised Marco Pierre White in the kitchen and Rachel Weisz in a latex catsuit.

He had trodden the thin - possibly nonexistent - line between erotica and pornography in his photography, and as a result was a favourite of both fetish fans and advertising executives. A home-grown Helmut Newton, some said (if we extend the notion of home to include County Cork, where he was raised).

His work was marked by a technical precision, verging on perfection, that contrasted sharply with the blurry mess of his private life. He was married twice, and cheated on both women. "His mother always used to say about him that he was like the boy from The Snow Queen, " says Sue Frame, his first wife. "She said a splinter of glass or ice went into his heart when he was born."

He cheated on Frame with Lindsey Carlos Clarke, who would become wife number two. He cheated on her too, as she was all too aware. "In a way it would have been much simpler if, on the odd occasion, he'd gone and bonked the odd model in the studio.

That almost would have had a normality to it. It was much more to do with ownership, he wanted adoration, he wanted love and he wanted to own them." And yet he was also loved. By friends, by family, by both the women he married.

Simon Garfield tells Clarke's story in the first person, perhaps because those he speaks to are so expressive. And candid. At times jaw-droppingly so. The book he has written is inevitably partial and fractured.

But it's fascinating.

You can take issue with some of its claims for Carlos Clarke's photography There are powerful images reproduced in the book, mostly of intertwined cutlery, found objects that Garfi eld and his interviewees claim carry an equivalent erotic charge to Mapplethorpe's flowers. Then again there are a lot of his glossy images of glossy models in which it is hard to see beyond the shine.

But in the end none of that matters. What matters is that this is no gloss on Carlos Clarke's life. It cracks the sheen and fi nds a raw, painful reality. Love and death. What else is there worth framing?


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Are you one of those people who have been thinking about Halloween since around last Christmas? Have you been  planning your costume for months, sparing no effort or expense to track down an assortment of 100 percent human-hair wigs, professional-grade Latex Catsuits noses and only the most realistic fake teeth for you and your family? Do you keep an old cardboard box in the basement filled with vintage Latex Clothing, clown-white greasepaint, spirit gum, stage blood and collodion scarring material, just in case -- and you don't work for the CIA? 

Does this sound about right? Then this article is not for you. This article is for everyone who woke up this morning, only to realize suddenly that it's Halloween and you still don't have anything to wear. Or any idea of where to come up with anything to wear on such short notice.  

Well, now you do. You're holding it in your hand. That's right. We at the Weekend section want to help. Or at least to inspire you to do better than we did one year when, out of desperation, we decided to stand inside a 32-gallon Rubbermaid trash can at a Halloween party, wearing nothing but a Hefty bag for a poncho.  Okay, so we won honorable mention for that last-minute bit of inspiration. That's not the point. 

Or maybe it is the point. The point is that anything can be a costume. That economy-size bag of Smarties candy you bought to hand out to the kids? Tape several rolls of the candy to your legs and, voilà, you're a smarty-pants. That roll of aluminum foil in the kitchen? As actor and host Russell Brand, almost never take off his piece of Latex Clothing Legging Wrap it around your torso and, poof, you're a baked potato. You don't need an expensive glue-on mustache or a George W. Bush mask. And your kid definitely doesn't need one of those store-bought, flame-retardant, child-size jumpsuits with the hospital-gown closure in the back modeled after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or some other mass-media superhero. Okay, maybe he does. 

For this demonstration, though, we enlisted professional stylist and Martha-Stewart-to-the-in-crowd Lisa Cherkasky to construct a handful of clever, handmade costumes -- a simple G.I. Joe or Jane, for instance, and a Hawaiian hula beauty -- using only the pages of the Weekend section and her  imagination . For those of you requiring even further inspiration Latex Stockings jackboot, highlighting the advantages of their own height leg length, we also enlisted the aide of artist, illustrator, designer and fabulous found-object fabricator Gene Hoffman to make something scary out of Weekend . Kids, do try this at home. 

Take a page from us -- literally. Help yourself to one or more of our ideas, or, better yet, come up with your own.  At 35 cents, it's good for your budget, it's good for the environment , but, most importantly, it's good for a laugh.  Orange suede trainer-style Kickers for men, £54.95 at Shellys, Argyle Street, Glasgow; Schuh branches including Argyle Street, Glasgow and Frederick Street, Edinburgh.Don't you find that footwear unlocks the most extraordinary emotions? Normally level-headed women will actually endure physical torture just to wear the shoe of their dreams. And grown men can be reduced to gibbering wrecks at the sight of well-turned ankles elevated on perilous stilettos.

Indeed, shoes provoke a level of fetishistic interest rivalled only by Latex Catsuits undergarments. Strange, then, that men's footwear has traditionally been such a dull area of design.

Until, that is, men's fashion embraced sport . . . and trainers replaced all alternatives as the No.1 choice in leisure-time footwear.The floodgates have been opened and men's footwear may never seem so dull again. The newest ranges of Hush Puppy casuals and the trainer-style Kickers featured here are now available in a range of vibrant colours.

Soon, only the squarest of dancers may resist the temptation to indulge in some pretty fancy footwork.

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