Samedi 23 juillet 2011

Dr Sex on the case of prudish HK


Shy Hongkongers are not getting enough sex, says the city's best-known love doctor.
 And he is determined to change things, with a week-long sex festival that starts today.
 While the highlight for many at today's forum in Chater Road will be a specially designed sex bed and chair, don't come expecting to see porn stars, videos or magazines.
 "The event will be family-friendly because Hong Kong people are too shy and conservative to have booths with pornographic movies or a stand filled with Playboy magazines," said Ng Man-lun.
 "If we did, I would probably be run out of town, and we'd be back where we started," said the University of Hong Kong psychiatry professor, better known around town as "Dr Sex".
 The graphic will be replaced with the cerebral, with sex experts from across China discussing everything from fetishes to self-satisfaction and the more mundane but perhaps more important issue of sexual health.

The good life can't latex fetish, everyone needs latex uniforms, they can make your life more harmonious.

 Represented in about 40 stalls from lunchtime will be homosexuals, prostitutes, family planners and even a group of nuns who will lecture on sex education.
 "Hong Kong lags at the bottom of the region when it comes to sexual satisfaction and we really need to do something about it because there have been numerous scientific studies which show that if your sex life is not good, then the rest of your health suffers," Professor Ng said.
 The festival continues for the rest of the week in the Sheung Wan Civic Centre Exhibition Hall, which Professor Ng promises will be a little more explicit - even featuring demonstrations of how to use the sex bed and chair.
 He doesn't expect everyone to come around to his way of thinking - putting sex first in his life - but says there are many in Hong Kong who are missing out.
 "Many people are suffering in silence, not knowing where to turn for a better sex life," he said.
 "People are just too moralistic about sex and our young people are not educated enough - they need to come and see it's natural and normal to want satisfaction.

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Samedi 16 juillet 2011

ready to wear latex rock


JUST when you thought it was safe to go to a Justin Hawkins gig... you'd better think again.
The former Darkness singer has revealed he might still don those wacky lycra catsuits when he performs in Brum with his new band latex jeans.
Justin, who quit his first chart-topping band to go into rehab, laughed: "I've still got a couple of them. In fact I tried one on the other day and I'm glad to say that I managed to squeeze into it!
"I cannot guarantee that I won't wear them. It's a possibility. Although I haven't had any new one's made up so it might be a bit weird wearing the catsuits I wore when I was in The Darkness."
The Suffolk-born singer is back on the music scene with his new band and they play at the Bar-Ty next month.
"I'm really excited about it all," he said. "The people in the band are all fantastic players and they look good.
"We had our first warm-up gig at a friend's wedding. We played in front of just 50 people and it was nice not to perform for the Vrst time in the public eye.
"The guests were aged from about five to 50, and I was told one complained that our performance of Billy Idol's White Wedding was hardly appropriate, which I couldn't believe!"
Justin, who left The Darkness three years ago to battle against a boozeanddrugs addiction, formed his new 90s inspired band earlier this year.
And he added he didn't regret leaving The Darkness.
"It was time to go." he said. "There really wasn't another album in us and I lost interest."
The Darkness have since been renamed Stone Gods and Lichfield-born bassist Richie Edwards has been catapulted to lead singer status.
Justin said: "Richie's a really great guy and is a star. If I could have picked anyone to sing it would have been him. I don't think I'll be going to see them play though. Although we all talk, I think it would just be too awkward."

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Vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Scarlett fits into catsuit fetish


The media build-up has started for the May premiere of this movie Iron Man 2, and for some reason studio publicists have chosen to focus on how Scarlett Johansson looks in her snug Lycra catsuit. She plays a spy called the Black Widow.
"When I first saw (the suit) I was like, 'If I gotta get into that thing, I better start now'," she told the Independent, a British paper. "I did a lot of weight training, mixed martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. When you're working out that much you also have to feed your new body, so you eat in a different way, very clean, lots of omelette, turkey. ... It's been an empowering experience. ... I built up so much strength."
Spotlight couple: Aaron Johnson, star of this new movie Kick-Ass, is engaged, at age 19, to a 43-year-old British divorcée with two kids, ages 13 and 3. "I'm an old soul and she's a young soul," he told People mag.
The lady is one Sam Taylor-Wood, a conceptual artist and cancer survivor who's seven months pregnant with his baby. They met when she directed Nowhere Boy, a 2009 movie in which he played the young John Lennon.
"I've got a wonderful woman, latex stockings" Johnson told People. "She's lovely and she's a fantastic mother." Is it just me, or does that last part seem kinda creepy?
Actress Naomi Watts, who's got a couple movies opening soon, is laughing off rumours that she's splitting from actor Liev Schreiber. They've been a couple since 2005 and have two kids.
Watts tells the N.Y. Daily News that far from splitting, she's pretty serene about her life these days: "I see myself as any other woman," she said. "Every day I'm struggling to get it right, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev. I'm not sure whether I'm doing any of it right, but I've finally got to the age where at least I know that I'm just doing my best."
Watts is 41. Schreiber is 42. Their sons are Sasha, 2, and Sammy, 1.
Now it can be told: The new Woody Allen movie will be called Midnight in Paris. It's about how "a young engaged couple's lives are transformed," says this press release. "The film celebrates a young man's great love for Paris, and simultaneously explores the illusion people have that a life different from their own is better."
Silver lining dep't: It turns out that volcanic ash is, er, good for your skin. It's not some Icelandic export agency that's claiming this, it's Tengen, a Japanese beauty-products firm, which claims to use ash from a 400,000 year old volcano in its face goo. The gimmick - sorry, I mean the scientific explanation - is that those tiny particles are a great exfoliant, scouring out your pores at the submolecular level or something.

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Jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Toss out your catsuits latex


JUST when you thought Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace couldn't get any tackier, she deems catsuits, skirts and dresses the latest look for men.
If she has her way come next summer, the Versace man will be delving into women's wardrobes for inspiration. This week the designer kicked off Milan's menswear fashion week for spring and summer 2001 with an exuberant show that set out to prove that men, too, can be glamorous. From gaudy floral prints to psychedelic stripes and jewel-encrusted jackets, there was nothing understated or, dare we say, remotely tasteful about the collection.
Carefully coiffed models graced the runways in tiny wrap skirts, skin-tight shorts, embroidered trousers, glitzy catsuits and satin shirts left open to show the body.
Diamante and gold chain belts were worn over jeans while torn denim jackets were paired with silk scarves. Suits were single-breasted and tightly tailored with chubby ties, latex underwear, adorned with jewelled pins. For the less adventurous man there were traditional tuxedos enlivened with fuchsia lining, gold lapels, shocking pink shirts and white shoes

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Mercredi 13 juillet 2011


     STEP it out at New Year beanos with a new you on the dance floor.
     There are fantastic outfits by the score in High Street stores.
     You can dress up to the nines to go to parties or clubbing.
     And a mass of shiny, jingly accessories will give the same outfit a different look for the next night out.
     If you love the attention of the dancefloor you'll want to look sleek and sexy in up-to-the-minute styles.
     So what's Jennifer Lopez got that you haven't?
     Just make sure what you wear suits you -like she does. OK!
     Check out hot red trousers and a one-shoulder top from Next.
     The outfit has the perfect mix of glamour and elegance to get you noticed if your shimmying alone can't do the trick. The trousers' studded seams add a rock chick edge and the top fits tightly in all the right places.
     The bare shoulders are really sexy. It's guaranteed to bring out the vamp in you.
     And if you're hoping still to have spare cash to party in style then you can't go wrong with this outfit. The top costs Pounds 23.99 and the trousers Pounds 47.99.
     Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to wear a skimpy, revealing outfit that leaves little to the imagination to look sexy.
     Why not go for a figure-hugging outfit that moulds to your curves?
     Check out the blue denim latex stockings from mail order catalogue Family Album. It will get you noticed for sure.
     If you've got a great figure then this could be perfect.
     The super advantage to an alluring outfit like this is that you're sure to be comfortable all night. With winter at its worst, the last thing you want is to be standing around in a flimsy dress showing off your goose bumps.
     The catsuit, at Pounds 39, will let you look gorgeous without inviting a bout of pneumonia.
     And according to Dublin style guru Sharon Walsh, that's the key to success. She said: "Above all you've got to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. It's got to suit your personality as well as the occasion."
     So don't listen to others and force yourself into an outfit that doesn't feel right.
     Everyone likes to look their best and what you wear can set the mood for every occasion.
     So even if you feel stuffed to the gills after Christmas don't just sink into the couch and leave your wardrobe to chance.
     Take the time to trawl through your clothes and you'll soon see what's missing, then get your clogs on and hit the high street.
     Make a New Year resolution to be a little more adventurous in 2002.
     If the vampy side of your nature is firmly under wraps then you'll be dying for the chance to cut loose.
     And next year's parties are the perfect opportunity to show off.
     By all means push the boat out in something spectacular -just be sure it suits you and that you've got the personality to carry it off.
     And if dazzling crowds is not a priority then stick to your own style.
     For nights out choose something elegant with just a hint of glamour -like a beautiful velvet dress.
     With the one pictured, from Gerard Darel at Clery's department store, you can't go wrong.
     Its simple sophistication will make a great impression. The dress costs Pounds 190 and looks fabulous with the off-white jacket from the Dream label.
     It's also available from Clerys at Pounds 95.
     Looking a million dollars can be easier than you think. A little black oufit should do the trick.
     Check out the chique skirt and top from Family Album. With a red trim across the top it's the perfect party outfit.
     The great shape of skirt and top means you'll be flattered in all the right places while black has a great slimming effect, making you look taller and thinner.
     And this is an outfit you'll wear time and again, dressing it up or down depending on the occasion.
     It won't break the bank either, leaving you plenty of change to party in Top and skirt cost Pounds 25 each.
     Don't forget how much an outfit can be dressed up with the right accessories.
     Sharon said: "There are loads of fantastic titbits in vibrant colours that can turn a casual outfit into something dressy. Fake antique jewellery is great. If you want to look up-to-the-minute that's the way to go."
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Mardi 12 juillet 2011

fetish catsuits Color's in front for fall


     Colors, catsuits and conservative cuts.  This is fall's fashion message.
     Not all three together, but combinations are strong for the new season.  Especially worth noting are colors offered in strikingly bright contrasts as part of the same garment or else as layered separates and the bold plaids and checks that seem never to go out of style.
     Standouts for the new season are:
     * Jackets worn alone as a dress or coat or else worn with a short skirt or shorts.
     * The catsuit - in previous fashion years known as the bodysuit or unitard - is teamed with a jacket.
     Dresses at night are a little slip of nothing worn with heavy bracelets or long earrings to personalize the classic look.
     The fun of these clothes is seeing how familiar shapes and fabrics are used in fresh ways: Blankets become coats, sweaters become dresses; parkas become evening coats - latex underwear or just as easily a raincoat of black quilted velvet.
     The exotica revealed in the spring's American and European designer collections is refined in the manufacturing process to be palatable for practical Americans.
     Few famous names revealed any revolutionary design ideas: There was more a revival of the old than stirrings of the new.  But for the women who can afford them, the fabrics and cut of the clothes are outstanding and luscious.
     There is the usual sentimental journey among designers such as Ralph Lauren who rely on old West, Americana, and American Indian themes.
     With retail sales in turmoil, U.S.  designers are playing it safe and sane - and salable. At home, the conservatively tailored jacket is paramount, with color the chief surprise.  The pairings can be pink and red, brown and green, gold and black.
     Traditional fall colors return to match leaves on the trees, but there is also an ample supply of red and black - and camel.
     Maybe buyers and shoppers don't trust innovation.  There is more nostalgia than usual.
     The surprises are the accessories, such as the colorful gloves worn by the models when the clothes debuted in the spring.  They may speak for nostalgia or be the harbinger of a trend.

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