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     Fur headbands, velvet catsuits, and silver platform moon boots. You've seen that garb on fashion runways. Now it's time to sport it at New England ski resorts.
    That's right. Ski wear these days can be funky and just as stylish as the city clothes hanging in your closet.
    Fur-trimmed jackets, boots, and hats (either faux or actual raccoon, fox, and lamb) are de rigueur on the slopes this season. Intricately embroidered ski suits, often in waterproof faux suede, are also popular. And who can swoosh down a mountain without donning a velvet latex catsuit, faux leather vest (it's waterproof), or fleece jacket with matching fleece baseball cap? Lounging at the lodge, the fashion musts are corduroy-looking ribbed stretch pants worn with silver platform moon boots.
    "There's a certain level of fantasy involved in skiing," says Paul Turner, clothing manager at St. Moritz Sports in Wellesley. "Where else can you go, dress up in costume, and no one knows you?"
    For the more fashion-cautious, fur headbands, in raccoon, fox, and mink, can keep ears warm and stylish, while calf-fur boots (some with embroidered patterns) can keep feet dry.
    Three-quarter-length tailored jackets (sleek and cinched at the waist) have virtually replaced shorter bulky down jackets on ski lifts. With new insulation technology, ski experts say, the thinner jackets are just as warm as down, and easier to maneuver in - not just on skis. Says Suzann Dwyer, manager of Bogner Boston in Chestnut Hill, "Fifty percent of our jackets don't make it to the slopes."
 If you loved the movie "Titanic," don't miss skimming the holiday issue of the J. Peterman catalog. Yes, the catalog's well known for being spoofed on "Seinfeld." But this time around, it got the last laugh.
    Just for fun, J. Peterman offered, at sky-high prices, some of the actual props and costumes used by actors in "Titanic." Amazingly, almost everything sold out within weeks.
    Actress Kate Winslet's chiffon ballgown - made with a faux pearl bodice - sold for $ 11,500, in less than two weeks. Leonardo DiCaprio's outfit (a six-button wool vest, cotton shirt and cordoroy pants) sold for $ 9,000 within three weeks.
    Thirty-two crewman's caps, with the words "White Star Line" embroidered on the front, sold for $ 150 each. "Titanic" water pitchers and ashtrays sold out at $ 375 and $ 350 apiece.
    You can still order an authentic 28-foot lifeboat for $ 25,000. None of the six boats have sold. Nor has the $ 25,000 13-foot fiberglass anchor.
    But based on sales so far, John Peterman, chairman and chief executive of the J. Peterman Co. in Lexington, Ky., is optimistic. "There's a bigger intrigue with movie history than I had perceived," he says.
    Not wanting to miss an opportunity, the mail-order company plans to offer memorabilia from six other movies in its spring catalog, which comes out in February. The movies include "Casablanca" and "Out of Africa."
    If you haven't gotten enough of "Titanic," though, don't despair. Unlike the movie script, J. Peterman still has life jackets available for people, at $ 95 each.
 Local clothes designer Geoffrey B. Small has moved his Newbury Street store - which opened in early 1997 - to a larger site in downtown Boston, next to his factory on Kingston Street.
    The 38-year-old Newton-born designer is known for using recycled clothing to create street-chic fashions. He's the only local designer to regularly present his collections in Paris.
    Small's new store, called Edge, has a larger inventory than the old site and, with its proximity to the factory, provides more custom-designing services. "We wanted to be closer to our customer," says Masaaki Okamura, store manager. "If they like something or they don't like something, we want to hear about it at the factory, sexy latex stockings" he says.
    Edge's collection of funky men's and women's wear includes leather jackets hand-painted in red; nylon jackets spray-painted graffiti style; plaid pants decorated with clear plastic strips sewn into the legs; and an orange Hawaiian-style shirt with black fabric strips sewn throughout.
    "We've been called street, military-tailored punk," says Okamura. "Because recycled clothing has already been used, it's very comfortable. When our customers try it on, they know it will work."

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The share tips below are considered opinions, but readers should seek personal financial advice before investingBROKERNic SeretTaylor Collison
BBG's brands continue to gain in popularity, with major growth opportunities in US and Europe. Increased sales of house brands will further increase sales margins. We expect BBG to grow earnings by 17% this financial year, ahead of management's 15% guidance. Buy for long-term growth.
ABC has proven its ambitious acquisition strategy works in Australia and is now looking to replicate this in US. Implementation risk has increased with the move overseas, but we are comfortable with management's ability to replicate its domestic success.
ANN's share price has risen sharply over the past 3 months on the back of falling Latex Fetish prices, a major input. Investors must note ANN customers who had absorbed some of the Latex Fetish price increase last year would also like to benefit from the price decline. Hence margin growth from falling Latex Fetish prices has its limits.
CML's profit guidance for FY07/FY08 appears ambitious and a predictable response in the face of a takeover bid. In light of this we recommend holding onto this stock and watching it all unfold. However, a withdrawal of interest from potential buyers is likely to result in a sharp drop in the share price.
BPC's board is now recommending shareholders accept the $1.10 a share offer and given the Rank Group's dominant existing stake and the fact that ~80% of BPC's value is made up of cash, we do not believe there is any point in shareholders holding out in the hope of a higher bid.
The trading environment remains challenging for PPX. We expect key input costs to remain at elevated levels, which will put margins under pressure, particularly in Australian paper manufacturing. Given the unfavourable macro outlook, we believe at current forecast earnings multiples, downside risk remains.
We believe this remains a high quality business with the company generating near record levels of return on capital despite generally weak market conditions. The major reconfiguration of the vitreous china business ought to result in a much lower cost and more flexible business.
Toll's transport business accounts for 75% of pre-tax profits, which we see generating 12% p.a. growth over the next 3 years. Toll owns 50% of Australia's stevedoring capacity, half of the national rail freight operator, and has substantial market share in express freight, forwarding, and logistics.
We continue to assume internally generated UK construction revenue of circa $250m per annum at a 4% margin or $10cm per annum. . Very happy to share you article! I like you! Good mews for you, zentai and catsuit on sale! Many kinds of discount Latex Catsuits and Latex Fetish enjoy good quality and rational price. We still see Multiplex as trading around fair value. However, post last month's White City handover to Westfield we have an increased comfort level in our price target/rating.
The benefits to Cochlear of its major competitor's forced recall appear to be lasting longer than we first estimated. However, we still assume Advanced Bionomics will regain its original market share and so have not adjusted our profit forecasts. At current levels the shares are fairly priced.
We believe the stock price has a degree of ''blue sky'' built in. Some is justified because DJS is one of our best managed retailers; there appears to be scope for higher growth and potential for 2-3 new stores. Our concern is there appears to be little room for error given the current valuation.
API's trading update shows flat sales in pharmacy distribution and some growth in retail. Net profit after tax will also be impacted by higher depreciation and interest charges due to working capital. Takeover speculation has fuelled a rally in the share price. We have downgraded in line with the trading update.
Jeff GlassonMacquarie
At the current share price, AFG is significantly undervalued and trades at a discount to the average 2007 price to earnings ratio of 15.4x. This discount is unwarranted given Record Investments has delivered average, compound EPS growth 62% since 2002 and the other side of the merger, AFG's growth was probably better over this period.
Takeover speculation is only one of several factors driving the share price. It's plausible BIL could be subject to a bid this year and that around $15 a share could be paid. If a bid is not forthcoming CHEP's earnings have a very high degree of certainty.
PPX has rallied very strongly in the last week on the back of paper price rise expectations in the UK/Europe and Australia. At 19x 2007 price earnings ratio, the share price is now factoring in price rises sticking. Whether they do will be determined in coming weeks.
CSR continues to look difficult, even at current levels, given the more recent reliance on sugar prices. The cheap latex uniforms and PVC Clothing with Sexy style. The sugar market has collapsed in recent months, and with the building products division not likely to provide a recovery, 2007 will be a relatively flat year. The hidden value of the property business could provide some upside.
DVC has received a $3.50 cash bid from CVC Asia Pacific, to be executed by a scheme of arrangement by the end of the year. While another bid should not be ruled out, we see higher bids as being extraordinarily risky for bidders given radiologist ownership of revenue.SOT has announced a cash offer to acquire the 54.2% of ordinary shares in B Digital  that it currently doesn't own. It is a highly challenging and risky strategy in a very difficult market where Telstra continues to be aggressive on a retail and wholesale front.
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Vendredi 12 août 2011

Science latex catsuits: brainbox

ONE OF the greatest mysteries of the brain is how and why it evolved.  There is little doubt that it is the supreme achievement of natural selection, the force that drives evolution. The human brain has quite literally transformed life on Earth. How did this occur?
Studies of fossilised human skulls show that the brain of modern humans is very similar to those of our ancestors who lived 50,000 years ago.  Natural selection must have been operating on the evolution of the brain hundreds of thousands of years before this, long before the advent of agriculture and the start of civilisation.
Any discussion of the origins of the human brain inevitably begins with a comparison with modern apes, our closest living relatives. It also involves looking at our distant ancestors, the hominids and early humans. Pouring Latex Catsuits rubber into the brain cases of fossil skulls has given scientists some idea of the volume of our early ancestors' brains. The inner surface of the brain case also leaves faint impressions on the outer surface of the latex leggings casts, which match the outermost folds of the ancient brain.  This provides important information about its shape and complexity, even though the soft tissue itself has long disappeared.
One of the most telling features of the study of fossil skull cases is the increase in size of the brain of our early ancestors. For instance, the australiopithecines - who lived as long as 4.5m years ago - fall within the range of modern apes in terms of brain size, about 450g. Homo habilis , who lived two million years ago, had a brain weighing 750g. By 1.5m years ago, the brain of Homo erectus weighed 1kg, and continued to grow without the appropriate increase in body size until the appearance of the first Homo sapiens about 400,000 years ago. They had brains equivalent in size to those of modern humans, weighing around 1-2kg.
Brain size alone, however, is not terribly meaningful in terms of measuring intelligence. What distinguishes us most from apes is the degree of "encephalisation", But if this is just a heart disease, perhaps not enough to explain the prevalence of zentai, or so the line first in the next few years or complexity, within the structure of the brain. Encephalisation is a measure of how many brain cells exist over and above those needed by a body of a certain size. The human brain is as large as might be expected for a far larger primate, whereas an ape's brain is comparatively smaller.
Apparent differences in the mental abilities of men and women, evolving over perhaps millions of years, have been particularly intriguing for evolutionary biologists. In prehistory humans lived in relatively small groups of hunter-gatherers where the division of labour between the sexes was quite marked. It is likely that men were responsible for hunting big game, According to insiders ,zentai fans are mostly male, because women have become accustomed requiring long-distance travel and good navigation skills. They had little need to be great conversationalists, but had to solve tactical problems together and be good at aiming and throwing.
Women would have been more involved with childrearing, tending the camp and preparing food and Latex Clothing - evolutionary survival was never non- sexist. This would put a premium on women with inherent abilities in short- range navigation , dexterity, being emotionally sensitive towards others, especially children, and communicating emotion erbally.
This does not mean, however, that we are doomed to our sexual stereotypes as laid down by our evolutionary history. Far from it. The very power of our mental imagination means that our brains have given us the ability to be liberated from our past.
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Jeudi 11 août 2011

Some may like Latex Catsuits lukewarm and flatulent

Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans Written by Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Andrew McElfresh, Michael Anthony Snowden and Xavier Cook Starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans
One of the most persistent taboos in movies produced by supposedly liberal Hollywood studios is that non-white men still don't get to sleep with women of the Caucasian persuasion. In White Chicks, the resourceful Wayans brothers  get into white chicks' pants and boudoirs in a more literal way. The Wayans brothers do the Hilton heiresses  through a process of emasculation: They disappear under Latex Catsuits masks and blond wigs and women's clothes, pretending to be a pair of bubble-headed Hampton socialite sisters.  
As director Wayans  has said, White Chicks has race, class and gender going for it. Though that combination has failed to turn university cultural-studies departments into a hotbed of yuks, White Chicks could and should be a much more mischievous movie. A half-dozen writers have managed to create a succession of thin sketches that add up to Some Like It Warmed Over, with a touch of stink: The emphasis is not so much on our differences but that which unites us in common humanity: flatulence.
The Wayans play a pair of screw-up FBI agents, Marcus  and Kevin  who are assigned to protect spoiled heiresses Tiffany and Brittany Wilson  from potential kidnappers on the weekend of a Hamptons society ball. When the pampered princesses refuse to attend, the agents improvise by  assuming the sisters' identities with a prosthetic makeover. World Cup in South Africa, Maradona is likely to Gutierrez as right back, play the role of PVC Clothing, the passion and sentiments of the players may be able to help Argentina to go further. In the star studded array of Argentina, from the top league clubs the players frequent, but this one has an alternative, he is Gutierrez. This Argentine players from the Championship club Newcastle,. From Spain to Britain Gutierrez was born in 1983, has a very good fitness.
Tottering about Tamara Mellon, aware of the market's demand for fashionable and practical footwear, introduce this stylish footwear product series. Catsuits opened his own boutique in Paris in their high heels, alternately talking in Valley Girl squeaks or, in gangsta' mode, thuggin' it, with hand-waving confrontations and baritone yells. The Wayans are so restricted by their rubber masks that they manage to do very little acting. With their blinking, stiff expressions and cross-racial drag, they suggest nothing so much as a pair of stunned Michael Jacksons.
A lot of time is spent with the fake sisters squeezing into excruciatingly tight clothes, the agents teaching their new white sisters how to like rap music. Unlike Some Like It Hot , these guys are barely tempted by half-dressed young women all around them. Although Kevin does try to Catsuits seduce the only black woman in the Hamptons, society reporter Denise . The movie's climax, of course, takes place at the White Ball, where the clothes and décor are all in the colour of privilege.
Marlon spends his time, when not resisting a persistent suitor, trying to assure his possessive wife that he's not fooling around. The suitor is played by Terry Crews, who plays an NBA star who won't take no for an answer . He has a bald head and such an outlandish bodybuilder's physique that he's called Catsuits Schwarzenegro and Buffy the White Girl Slayer. He's both the funniest and most provocative character in the movie: A super male with a feminine side, who sings girl pop music and doesn't mind how disgusting his girlfriend is, as long as she's white.
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Mardi 09 août 2011

Rubber Clothing camp

Every fall, boots come back into style. This is because the fall, as fashion writers point out with the air of excited discovery every year, is colder and wetter than the summer. So we saw a lot of boots on men's runways last spring , boots both short and tall, heavily lugged and pointily urban. This is not in itself surprising. There is something different about this fall's batch of boots, however. In fact, there are two things that are different.  
The first is that these boots are uncommonly beautiful.  Men's boots are now being designed as women's boots are: not as utilitarian snow-blockers, but as items of fashion that are meant to complement expensive Latex Clothing - even a suit. They are growing taller too, almost as tall as women's boots, with buckles or laces that rise to midcalf, or fold over softly like the pirate boots of fairy tales.
There are boots like mukluks, soft buckskin boots to make you feel like a coureur de bois, and, perhaps most originally, boots with buttons in 19th-century style. Alexander McQueen's whole fall collection was inspired by an eastern-steppes-Mongolian-herdsman theme, with gorgeous burnished brown riding boots throughout. Tom Ford's $2,000 boots were shown with the tops turned down like D'Artagnan's. John Varvatos has a low-rise pair with a flap that buttons over the front, resembling Edwardian spats. For example: Matrix III actress wear Rubber Clothing, 09 large U.S Gucci is selling Chelsea boots with buckles around the heel that are suggestive of spurs. They also offer "slouch" boots - which look very much like, well, women's boots.
All this emphasis on boots leads to the second thing: They are meant to be shown off. And this has led to designers doing all kinds of things to keep the boots visible. Trousers, even fine woollen trousers, are rolled up or tucked into the boot, in a romantic Cossacky gesture.
Marc Jacobs, for example, paired his zippered ankle boots with tight trousers that looked like sweatpants, with elasticized hems high up on the calf. They were one step away from knee breeches. Or else he tucked the trousers into the tops of the boots, as you used to do when you were 5 or 6. Galliano showed his pirate boots with full-on knickerbockers and hose, so the boots were fully visible.
This look will lead no doubt to some uneasiness among conservative readers. And to be honest, I can't imagine myself walking around with my trousers tucked into tall boots like someone nostalgic for 1975. I know I won't look like a Cossack; I'll look like a guy who plays the violin in a Hungarian restaurant.
This brings up the ever-troubling question of what to do with these unwieldy fashions as they emerge from the runways. Men's Latex Clothing - real everyday men's Latex Clothing, especially in North America - is not nearly as responsive to changes in high fashion as women's Latex Clothing is. Trends in women's runway fashions are very quickly reinterpreted - albeit toned down - by massive mid-price chains and are on sale, in diluted form, in a few weeks later in malls around the world.
Men, on the other hand, wear grey suits and black socks - no matter what fur, Latex Catsuits or chain-mail outfits are paraded by gangly 19-year-olds in Alexander McQueen's shows.This may be changing. Men's fashion is going through cycles that may not be perceptible to all , but those cycles are definitely accelerating. A suit won't last you 10 years any more; it will start to look unfashionable after a mere three. And this means that high-fashion trends are filtering down faster, and so yes, you might even see a Canadian male who isn't a Goth wearing his trousers tucked into his tall boots in the next year or so.
He is of course likely to be on a street full of art galleries in a large city; he is unlikely to work for a brokerage firm or a political party. But remember that the images on runways and in magazines are never, not even in women's magazines, meant to be taken literally; they are exaggerated representations of trends that will manifest themselves much more subtly. The visible boot trend, for example, is part of the general trend towards shorter trousers, which has been happening for the past two years even in business suits, and is a question of an inch or so, not seven. This is just a logical extension of shorter trousers. So it's not so outlandish after all.In other words, I'm not telling you to tuck your trousers into your boots like a dork. Nor do you have to wear knickerbockers. It's all just to show you that you don't have to be afraid of all these beautiful shoes.
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 When I was younger, lubricants such as KY jelly never seemed like terribly sexy products. The cold squishy sensation was too reminiscent of doctors, stirrups, latex gloves and gynaecology, and the National Health
 graphics seemed to scream sexual dysfunction. But I realise now that I was wrong. Anyone who wants to cut out friction and improve their sexual relationship ought to explore the wonderful world of slip and slide. Soon.
 The fact that lubricant has recently reinvented itself as a must-have fashion accessory has assisted my conversion. The new lubes are part beauty product, part sex aid and part special interest (anal, flavoured, underwater). My personal favourites are Polished Talent - A Gentlemen's Relish from Coco de Mer (pounds 12), which is packaged like traditional men's aftershave but is actually best applied to parts other than the chin. Myla's MY Tumble Me Jelly (pounds 15) with aloe, lavender, ginkgo and ginseng is ideal for clitoral, vulval or perineal stimulation. But if you are on a tighter budget, opt for ordinary KY jelly (pounds 3.99). Like the Coco de Mer and Myla lubes, KY is water-based which means it is safe to use with condoms and less likely to irritate delicate genital tissue. Water-based lubes tend to dry up quickly and get a bit sticky, but they can be reactivated by adding water.
 Using commercial lubricants positively enhances sex if both parties are confident that the products are not being used as substitute for female desire. A woman's natural lubrication is an indication of her levels of arousal, but the amount of fluid produced can vary. Natural lubrication can be negatively affected by ill -health, medication, alcohol, smoking, fatigue, stress and decreased oestrogen levels during the menstrual cycle, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause and old age. Sometimes natural lubrication does not descend beyond the vaginal canal, and it can dry out quickly when it is exposed to air so a woman can be wet one minute and dry the next (especially after orgasm).
 Doctors used to recommend commercial lubricants to women who had a problem with dryness; however, it gradually dawned on them that asking a woman who wasn't aroused to use lubricant was the sexual equivalent of strapping a flaccid penis to a splint as an aid to penetration. Lubricant enables penetration, but it is no substitute for genuine female arousal. If you are planning to have sex and your genitals feel very dry then it is quite likely that you need more manual or oral stimulation. Unfortunately, some women find that their partners are too impatient to wait. My friend has a boyfriend whose idea of foreplay is to spit on his fingers and rub it on to his penis before stabbing blindly at her vagina. Another friend admits that the only time her boyfriend ever goes down on her is when she is too dry for penetration. She only ever gets about 30 seconds because his focus is on making her wet, not making her happy and she feels so embarrassed by her "dryness" that she cannot bring herself to tell him that she resents his technique.
 That said, although commercial lubes are no substitute for real desire, they do take the pressure off women (and men). No matter what age you are, a squirt of the smooth stuff can transform clammy hands and dry genitals into better wetter sexual contact, and the sexy feel of lubricant being massaged on to your bits is often enough to get the natural juices flowing anyway.
 If people are embarrassed about the idea of using lube, they are even more embarrassed about anyone finding it. Despite the fact that luxury lubes have been packaged to look perfectly at home in the bathroom, the folks at Coco de Mer have created the perfect hiding place for their shyer customers: hollow secret compartments inside hardback books on incredibly tedious subjects. No one will ever open them - except you, of course.
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