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Every fall, boots come back into style. This is because the fall, as fashion writers point out with the air of excited discovery every year, is colder and wetter than the summer. So we saw a lot of boots on men's runways last spring , boots both short and tall, heavily lugged and pointily urban. This is not in itself surprising. There is something different about this fall's batch of boots, however. In fact, there are two things that are different.  
The first is that these boots are uncommonly beautiful.  Men's boots are now being designed as women's boots are: not as utilitarian snow-blockers, but as items of fashion that are meant to complement expensive Latex Clothing - even a suit. They are growing taller too, almost as tall as women's boots, with buckles or laces that rise to midcalf, or fold over softly like the pirate boots of fairy tales.
There are boots like mukluks, soft buckskin boots to make you feel like a coureur de bois, and, perhaps most originally, boots with buttons in 19th-century style. Alexander McQueen's whole fall collection was inspired by an eastern-steppes-Mongolian-herdsman theme, with gorgeous burnished brown riding boots throughout. Tom Ford's $2,000 boots were shown with the tops turned down like D'Artagnan's. John Varvatos has a low-rise pair with a flap that buttons over the front, resembling Edwardian spats. For example: Matrix III actress wear Rubber Clothing, 09 large U.S Gucci is selling Chelsea boots with buckles around the heel that are suggestive of spurs. They also offer "slouch" boots - which look very much like, well, women's boots.
All this emphasis on boots leads to the second thing: They are meant to be shown off. And this has led to designers doing all kinds of things to keep the boots visible. Trousers, even fine woollen trousers, are rolled up or tucked into the boot, in a romantic Cossacky gesture.
Marc Jacobs, for example, paired his zippered ankle boots with tight trousers that looked like sweatpants, with elasticized hems high up on the calf. They were one step away from knee breeches. Or else he tucked the trousers into the tops of the boots, as you used to do when you were 5 or 6. Galliano showed his pirate boots with full-on knickerbockers and hose, so the boots were fully visible.
This look will lead no doubt to some uneasiness among conservative readers. And to be honest, I can't imagine myself walking around with my trousers tucked into tall boots like someone nostalgic for 1975. I know I won't look like a Cossack; I'll look like a guy who plays the violin in a Hungarian restaurant.
This brings up the ever-troubling question of what to do with these unwieldy fashions as they emerge from the runways. Men's Latex Clothing - real everyday men's Latex Clothing, especially in North America - is not nearly as responsive to changes in high fashion as women's Latex Clothing is. Trends in women's runway fashions are very quickly reinterpreted - albeit toned down - by massive mid-price chains and are on sale, in diluted form, in a few weeks later in malls around the world.
Men, on the other hand, wear grey suits and black socks - no matter what fur, Latex Catsuits or chain-mail outfits are paraded by gangly 19-year-olds in Alexander McQueen's shows.This may be changing. Men's fashion is going through cycles that may not be perceptible to all , but those cycles are definitely accelerating. A suit won't last you 10 years any more; it will start to look unfashionable after a mere three. And this means that high-fashion trends are filtering down faster, and so yes, you might even see a Canadian male who isn't a Goth wearing his trousers tucked into his tall boots in the next year or so.
He is of course likely to be on a street full of art galleries in a large city; he is unlikely to work for a brokerage firm or a political party. But remember that the images on runways and in magazines are never, not even in women's magazines, meant to be taken literally; they are exaggerated representations of trends that will manifest themselves much more subtly. The visible boot trend, for example, is part of the general trend towards shorter trousers, which has been happening for the past two years even in business suits, and is a question of an inch or so, not seven. This is just a logical extension of shorter trousers. So it's not so outlandish after all.In other words, I'm not telling you to tuck your trousers into your boots like a dork. Nor do you have to wear knickerbockers. It's all just to show you that you don't have to be afraid of all these beautiful shoes.
Par pvccorsets le mardi 09 août 2011


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