Some may like Latex Catsuits lukewarm and flatulent

Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans Written by Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Andrew McElfresh, Michael Anthony Snowden and Xavier Cook Starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans
One of the most persistent taboos in movies produced by supposedly liberal Hollywood studios is that non-white men still don't get to sleep with women of the Caucasian persuasion. In White Chicks, the resourceful Wayans brothers  get into white chicks' pants and boudoirs in a more literal way. The Wayans brothers do the Hilton heiresses  through a process of emasculation: They disappear under Latex Catsuits masks and blond wigs and women's clothes, pretending to be a pair of bubble-headed Hampton socialite sisters.  
As director Wayans  has said, White Chicks has race, class and gender going for it. Though that combination has failed to turn university cultural-studies departments into a hotbed of yuks, White Chicks could and should be a much more mischievous movie. A half-dozen writers have managed to create a succession of thin sketches that add up to Some Like It Warmed Over, with a touch of stink: The emphasis is not so much on our differences but that which unites us in common humanity: flatulence.
The Wayans play a pair of screw-up FBI agents, Marcus  and Kevin  who are assigned to protect spoiled heiresses Tiffany and Brittany Wilson  from potential kidnappers on the weekend of a Hamptons society ball. When the pampered princesses refuse to attend, the agents improvise by  assuming the sisters' identities with a prosthetic makeover. World Cup in South Africa, Maradona is likely to Gutierrez as right back, play the role of PVC Clothing, the passion and sentiments of the players may be able to help Argentina to go further. In the star studded array of Argentina, from the top league clubs the players frequent, but this one has an alternative, he is Gutierrez. This Argentine players from the Championship club Newcastle,. From Spain to Britain Gutierrez was born in 1983, has a very good fitness.
Tottering about Tamara Mellon, aware of the market's demand for fashionable and practical footwear, introduce this stylish footwear product series. Catsuits opened his own boutique in Paris in their high heels, alternately talking in Valley Girl squeaks or, in gangsta' mode, thuggin' it, with hand-waving confrontations and baritone yells. The Wayans are so restricted by their rubber masks that they manage to do very little acting. With their blinking, stiff expressions and cross-racial drag, they suggest nothing so much as a pair of stunned Michael Jacksons.
A lot of time is spent with the fake sisters squeezing into excruciatingly tight clothes, the agents teaching their new white sisters how to like rap music. Unlike Some Like It Hot , these guys are barely tempted by half-dressed young women all around them. Although Kevin does try to Catsuits seduce the only black woman in the Hamptons, society reporter Denise . The movie's climax, of course, takes place at the White Ball, where the clothes and décor are all in the colour of privilege.
Marlon spends his time, when not resisting a persistent suitor, trying to assure his possessive wife that he's not fooling around. The suitor is played by Terry Crews, who plays an NBA star who won't take no for an answer . He has a bald head and such an outlandish bodybuilder's physique that he's called Catsuits Schwarzenegro and Buffy the White Girl Slayer. He's both the funniest and most provocative character in the movie: A super male with a feminine side, who sings girl pop music and doesn't mind how disgusting his girlfriend is, as long as she's white.
Par pvccorsets le jeudi 11 août 2011


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